Taken: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance
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The Vampire Syndicate Romance Series

Zaq Kral didn’t look like a monster. He looked like an angel in a T-shirt and jeans.

The Dark Angel Trilogy concludes with Zaq & Ridley’s story!

TAKEN (Book 3)


Vampires killed my mother and sent me on the run. Now I’m the mysterious slayer known as Reaper.

I have one mission. Wipe vampires and their half-human cousins, the dhampir, from the face of the earth.

My current target? Zaq Kral, one of the famous—and inhumanly beautiful—Dark Angels.


I may be a Kral Syndicate prince, but I never asked for this life. Still, I play the game when my vampire father requires it—until the day another syndicate captures me with Reaper’s help.

Vampires chain me to a wall with silver cuffs and feed from me. The silver eats through my skin, poisoning my body and hardening my heart. When I finally get free, the people behind this will pay.

Starting with Reaper.

Her, I’m going to keep.

A sexy, twisty enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance









Zaq Kral didn’t look like a monster.

He looked like an angel in a T-shirt and jeans. A beautiful, exhausted angel.

He sprawled bonelessly on a plastic chair in Charles de Gaulle Airport, long legs stretched before him, in wrinkled clothes that looked like they’d been washed in a sink and hung out to dry. Sun-streaked brown hair curled over his ears, and dark stubble covered his lower face. Beneath his sunglasses, his eyes were closed.

The fatigue was genuine. He’d just spent six weeks working with refugees in North Africa, most of that underground as bombs rained down on the city. He’d been everywhere—transporting injured humans, aiding the doctors and nurses, even burying the dead. The man apparently didn’t sleep.

A real live angel come down to earth, if you believed his press.

I knew better.

Zaq Kral was no angel. He was a monster in a pretty package, a rich and powerful vampire syndicate prince. Peel away that do-gooder veneer and you’d find another hard-hearted, entitled bloodsucker.

I sank onto a chair two seats down, setting my backpack between us. The sunlit atrium was packed with passengers waiting for the flight to New York. French mingled with English and a handful of other languages.

I flicked a look at Zaq from beneath my own sunglasses. No visible weapons, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t carrying a blade. A dominant dhampir like him could compel a human guard to look the other way.

The waiting area grew more crowded, but Zaq remained in his own little bubble. The dark facial scruff and worn-out, wrinkled clothes were the perfect camouflage. The humans didn’t seem to realize he was one of the famous Kral brothers, the vampire world’s heartthrobs.

Still, no one but me took a seat within three yards of him. Humans have a sixth sense about these things, an instinct that warns them a predator is nearby.

The hair on my nape stirred.

Somehow, I knew it was Zaq. Looking at me.

I chanced a glance. He eyed me from beneath half-open lids.

My heart jittered. I gave him a fake-shy smile and reminded myself to breathe.

He took in the purple Baltimore Ravens hoodie and frumpy brown wig, lingering on my sunglasses.

I fought the urge to squirm. Should I take them off? But the early morning sunlight pouring through the atrium’s windows hurt my eyes. Even some of the humans wore sunglasses.

And if his father’s people hacked into De Gaulle’s security feed, the wig and dark glasses would prevent them from getting a clear image of me.

 Zaq nodded back, clearly deciding I wasn’t a threat. He slumped deeper in the chair and closed his eyes again.

An incoming flight arrived and deboarded. The chatter in the lounge grew louder. Zaq’s flight would begin boarding soon.

Almost showtime.

I touched the switchblade in my hoodie pocket for luck—the blade that security had been bribed to ignore—and loosened my muscles.

Jaw, neck, shoulders, fingers.

Tension distracted you. It wasted energy, added to your mental strain. When you were tense, you made mistakes.

And mistakes could get you killed.

THE DARK ANGEL TRILOGY (Vampire Syndicate)
Three powerful brothers and the women they’ll do anything to have.

“A dangerous & exciting couple!” ~ Goodreads Reviewer
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“The action is fast and furious, the steaminess rolls off the pages, and the twists and turns abound… I LOVED it.” ~ BookBub Reviewer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“A must read!” ~ Paranormal Romance Guild

NOTE: The Vampire Syndicate Series begins with a trilogy featuring the three Kral brothers, billionaire princes and heirs to the Kral Syndicate Primus. Each brother gets his HEA, but the stories are interconnected and are best read in order.

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