Seducing the Sun Fae by Rebecca Rivard
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Seducing The Sun Fae

A dark shifter lord. A glittering fae queen. A game of seduction that only one can win…

A sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard!








“A powerfully written paranormal romance with an alpha male who takes no prisoners…”~Goodreads reviewer



The man was planted in the center of the path, big and broad and arrogant in jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt. Cleia had to swerve to miss him.

For a heart-stopping moment she fought for control of the bike before screeching to a halt just beyond him. She whipped around.

“You ass—” She swallowed. Hard.

Holy mother, he was gorgeous. A mane of black hair, Mediterranean features and a heavily muscled chest that strained the fabric of his T-shirt. Bare feet, a dead giveaway that he was a river fada. They wore minimal clothing and hated shoes.

Not that she wouldn’t have known he was a river fada anyway. Not with that big body and screw-you attitude. She’d bet her favorite jewels that if she’d ridden past, he’d have laughed and turned away—leaving her the one wondering.

Excitement sparked low in her belly. She was a two-hundred-year-old fae, and with her powerful glamour, could have just about any man she wanted. But she was tired of men who came too easy.

Something whispered that this man was dangerous…and she was jaded enough to want him even more.

She activated her glamour and swung off the bike, removing her gloves and helmet and shaking out her hair.

OláSenhor,” she said in Portuguese, his clan’s preferred tongue.

He stared back with eyes the same silver-blue as the river in spring, startling against his olive skin.  “Bom dia, Cleia.”

No “Queen Cleia.” She raised a brow. “You know who I am?”

“Of course.” His gaze swept insolently down her body, clad in brown biker’s leathers and a yellow top.

Heat jolted through her. She stared back, caught by those odd light eyes as if he’d thrown a net over her. All her senses came alive. Her lips parted and her breath skidded in and out.

Then her bodyguards pulled up on their motorbikes and the river man shuttered his gaze.

Her fingers clenched on her gloves. He seemed somehow…less. But why should that bother her? She’d already decided she wanted him.

She amped up her glamour and beckoned him. “Come, ride with me.” It was an order and they both knew it.

He glanced at the guards and remained where he was. Waiting for them to back off. She hesitated. But what could he do in the split second it would take Artan and Grady to get back to her?

“Move back,” she ordered.

The two men grumbled but did as she asked, wheeling their bikes to a spot several yards away.

She turned back to the river fada. “Ride with me.”

He stepped forward to take her hand. Electricity shot up her arm and she jerked, but he firmed his grip. Not hurting her. Just letting her know he’d release her when he decided.

Their eyes met, clashed. His nostrils flared.

“Cleia?” Artan started forward, Grady on his heels.

“Stand down,” she snapped without taking her gaze from the man before her. Stars, they acted as if she were a defenseless little girl, not the most powerful sun fae in the world.

The guards halted but remained where they were, midway between their bikes and her.

The river man stared at her lips. It felt as if he’d tasted them; they tingled and ached for more. She moistened her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. He followed the motion with his gaze and then gave her a slow, knowing smile.

A tremor fluttered up her spine. It was as if he saw through her glamour to the woman beneath. The real woman, the one she never allowed outsiders to see.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

*2016 EPIC Awards Finalist, Best Fantasy/Paranormal Romance*

BOOK 1 in the award-winning Fada Shapeshifter Series

Seducing the Sun Fae Book Teaser

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