Sea Dragon's Hunger by Rebecca Rivard
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Sea Dragon’s Hunger

*2019 Silver Medal, RONE Awards*

His dragon knows she’s his mate, but claiming her would put her in terrible danger.

An award-winning romance that will melt your heart…and your panties!








Can this brooding sea dragon keep his newfound family safe from a dark fae?

Four years ago, Irish shifter Cassidy O’Byrne fell hard for a sexy Latino alpha male from the Rock Run Clan. Nic do Rio was dark, brooding—and irresistible. But Nic was keeping a secret, and in the end he left, unknowingly leaving her expecting their baby.

An orphan herself, Cassidy loves her three-year-old daughter with all her heart. But Nic’s secret makes the little girl invaluable to the fae. When a powerful fae comes for Rianna, Cassidy runs with her to the only man who might be able to save them.

Nic never expected to see Cassidy again, but now that she’s come to him, he’ll do anything to keep her and his daughter. He just has to convince Cassidy to give him a second chance—and keep his newfound family safe from the fae…

A gripping second-chance romance!

Sea Dragon’s Hunger is a well written and fast paced book, full of sweet and steamy moments… Most definitely recommended by me.

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Cassidy took in Nic’s broad shoulders, the way the muscles of his back tapered to two dimples right above the shorts. He had a swimmer’s body—wide shoulders, lean hips. One evening, she’d spent long minutes exploring that strong, hard back. Massaging the tension from his muscles. And then Nic had rolled over and pulled her down for a searing kiss…

Cassidy dragged her gaze away. These days, she wouldn’t touch Nic with a ten-foot pole.

Liar, taunted a voice in her head.

Nic turned and caught her looking. A slow smile curled over his mouth. Mortified, she ducked under the water, but he shucked his shorts and joined her in the pool.

Cassidy jackknifed in the water and headed down. The pool was deeper than she’d expected; she descended a good twenty feet before reaching the bottom. She turned and looked toward the surface. The sun had momentarily broken through the storm clouds, sending light streaming through the ceiling slits into the pools. A shaft of gold touched Nic as he followed her down, haloing his body so he looked like a primitive water god, beautiful and unattainable.

Something hot and sad lodged in her chest.

Nic halted beside her. The water was crystal-clear. She could see his brooding green eyes and the occasional bubbles that came out of his nostrils as he gradually released his breath. His dark hair floated around his face like a living frame.

He touched her cheek.

Cassidy stiffened, but that was all he did. Touch her cheek, as if she were a rare, precious thing.

Awareness zinged through her. Her entire body tightened with longing…

*Crowned Heart Review from InD’Tale Magazine (5 stars)*

Sea Dragon’s Hunger is a standalone paranormal romance novel set in Rebecca Rivard’s award-winning Fada Shapeshifters world.

**NOTE: Sea Dragon’s Hunger also appeared in the BAD Alpha Dads world and the Shifters Gone Wild Box Set.

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RONE Badge Runner-up 2019

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