Hunger by Rebecca Rivard
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POV: Never run from a vampire. They love the hunt…








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A blood thrall contract is for three years. The pay is incredible and the perks are amazing.
In return, the syndicate owns you. The vampire syndicate, that is.

Just don’t fall in love with a vampire. But if you do, don’t break your contract and run.
I knew better, but I couldn’t help myself. Now a syndicate lieutenant is hunting me.
What he doesn’t know is that I’m pregnant with his baby.


Eden betrayed the syndicate. And me.
I shouldn’t still want her. But I do—and not only because she’s carrying my spawn. I crave her with a single-minded hunger.

So when I finally catch up to her, I bind her to me permanently. She’ll never run from me again…

A steamy vampire mafia romance!

The apartment door shut with a soft click. I glanced over my shoulder, but no one was there. No one I could see, anyway.

A splinter of apprehension worked its way under my skin.

He’s here. They found you.

But I’d been careful, using cash and a fake ID, changing cities every few days before sneaking across the Canadian/US border six weeks ago and making my way to New York. A big city seemed like the best place to lose myself in.

I shrugged off my uneasiness, telling myself the door had just been stuck, until I realized Rio still hadn’t answered me. 

My heart bumped against my ribcage. “Rio? You here?”

The apartment was laid out so the kitchenette wasn’t visible from our front door. I skirted the striped Ikea couch—the only thing I’d bought for my new place other than a comfortable bed—and turned left into the kitchenette.

“Becky.” Rio stood at one end of the kitchen island, his expression pinched. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t—” His bony shoulders lifted in a helpless shrug.

All the spit left my mouth. My gaze swung to the other side of the marbled-laminate island to where Talon slouched on a bar stool in an unzipped leather jacket.

His sensual mouth curved in a nasty half-smile. “Hello, Eden,” he said in his deep, growly voice. A voice I used to find sexy.

“Eden?” Rio echoed. 

Neither of us looked at him.

The canvas bag slipped from my fingers, thudding to the floor. Apples rolled across the fake wood planks. I ignored them, my gaze locked on the uninvited—and pissed-off—vampire in my kitchenette.

“I wouldn’t let him contact you,” Talon told me.

My lungs filled my throat. For a few seconds, I couldn’t breathe…or even move.

Things weren’t supposed to go down like this. I’d hoped Talon would just let me go, but that was wishful thinking, and I’d known it. I’d betrayed not just him, but his syndicate.

So I had an escape plan.

But he wasn’t supposed to be inside my apartment. He was supposed to come to the door first so I could put my plan into action. I had a go-bag in my bedroom with cash and a change of clothes. I’d figured I’d have a few seconds—time enough to grab the bag and escape down the portable fire ladder which was the first thing I’d bought after subletting the apartment.

Run, damn it!

My breath whooshed in. “Okay,” I said, more to say something than because it made sense.

I slid a foot backward.

Talon rounded the kitchen island, all six-feet-plus of him on the prowl. Outwardly calm, but I saw the muscle ticking in his jaw. He was furious with me.

I swallowed dryly. Slid the other foot backward.

My muscles tensed. I readied myself to make a dash for the door.

I couldn’t let him find out about the baby. My loose shirt and thigh-length jacket hid the still-small bump. He’d never know.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rio shift to the left and casually reach behind him, feeling for the knife block on the counter behind him. He was going to try to protect me, and Talon would kill him for it.

My stomach bottomed out.

“It’s okay, Rio,” I said without looking away from Talon. “I know him.”

Rio lowered his brow and dropped his chin, a young, naïve bull about to charge. “He can’t make you go with him. There are laws about that. Treaties.”

Talon was right in front of me now. He had wolf eyes with irises that changed from dark brown at the outer edges to gold as you moved inward until the band around his pupil was almost yellow. They bored into mine.

“Actually, I can,” he said. “Eden signed a contract with my syndicate. Didn’t you?”








The Vampire Syndicate

Billionaire vampires who will do anything to possess the women they crave…

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