Fallen: A Vampire Syndicate Romance (excerpt)

He’s the enemy, a vampire prince who bought me at a blood-slave auction.
Trusting him is dangerous…but loving him could be fatal.

Twilight and Prince Brien are alone in a club on his syndicate’s private island…


I caught Brien’s wrist. “Don’t tease me. I’m so worked up…”

He chuckled. “Patience isn’t your strong suit, is it?”

I brought his hand to my mouth and touched my tongue to his palm, licking the center like a cat. “I can be patient…if I know it’s worth it.”

“A dare?” He turned me around and kissed me on the mouth, then keeping me against him with a firm hand against my back, took out his phone and issued a series of voice commands. “Cameras off. Spotlights off. Pocket lights and music on.”

The spotlights ceased their dizzying passes over the room, replaced by a dim, sunset glow from lights set into the lower walls. The music changed to something low and sensual.

Returning the phone to his pocket, he released me and lowered himself onto the nearest couch. He’d showered and changed into a dark blue button-down shirt in a soft rayon that draped over his upper body, hinting at the sinewy muscles beneath. His streaked blond hair brushed the top of his shoulders and his eyes gleamed in the low light.

Spreading his legs, he put his hands on the plush red cushions on either side of his hips and eyed me like he owned me. A heated, you’re mine and I’m going to fuck you look.

Which didn’t bother me nearly as much as it should’ve.

“Get naked.” A soft command.

I hesitated. This Brien wasn’t the one I thought I knew. Hot AF, yeah, but unpredictable. I didn’t have a handle on him.

“I’m waiting.” His gaze stroked down my body. “Or didn’t you mean it?”

I focused on the ridge pressing against his zipper and flashed back to how he’d felt inside me, long and firm and delicious. A honeyed heat spread through my lower abdomen. I licked my lips in an unconscious gesture I didn’t realize I’d made until he focused on them.

His eyes darkened. The corner of his mouth ticked up. I dare you.

I lifted my chin. You’re on, Prince.

Keeping my eyes trained on him, I pulled my tee off and dropped it on the floor. His fingers dug into the red cushion.

Encouraged, I stepped out of my shorts. That left my panties, a filmy, see-through black silk. I was still a little drunk and a lot reckless.

I started to dance, swaying my body to the low music, turning around and wiggling my bottom at him. Hooking my thumbs in the sides and drawing them partway down my hips until they were a thin strip across my ass.

When I turned back around, Brien had gone completely still as only a vampire can. I hadn’t even seen him take a breath since I’d started my little striptease.

A neon blue circle had flamed to life around his irises, a warning that I was playing with a dangerous man. But I was kind of a danger junkie. The implied threat only amped up the thrill.

I strutted forward, hips swinging, stopping just out of his reach.

He jerked his chin at me. “The panties, too.”

“These?” I drew it out, sliding my hands over my breasts, playing with the nipples…moving a hand down my belly and between my legs so I could touch myself through the panties.

The heat in Brien’s eyes seared me. I was so turned on I was about to self-combust.

“The panties,” he repeated.

My skin prickled with a buzzing, humming anticipation. The sense that I was dancing along a razor’s edge increased.

But I was committed now.

A white-hot enemies-to-lovers vampire mafia romance!