Craved (The Vampire Syndicate) by Rebecca Rivard
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He’s the forbidden craving I have to taste…


CRAVED (Book 2)


I’m in Montreal to discover what vampire Zoe Tremblay, a.k.a. the Ice Princess, knows about my brother’s kidnapping.

Not to finish what I started with Zoe two years ago.

Not to find out why she deceived me and allowed her mother’s enforcers to beat me bloody.

And definitely not to reignite the ancient blood feud between our covens.


Rafe Kral, the cocky, bad-boy son of my mother’s most hated enemy, was the forbidden craving I had to taste. But our Romeo-and-Juliet romance was doomed to crash and burn. Now Rafe’s back, and he needs my help to save his kidnapped brother—and maybe himself.

Because the Kral brothers are being hunted by an unknown assassin.

Help Rafe, and I can kiss goodbye any chance of moving up in my mother’s vampire syndicate. But if I don’t, Rafe will be the next Kral who disappears.

And this time, I’ll lose him forever.

A sexy, twisty, Romeo-and-Juliet vampire mafia romance







“Secrets, sex, lies, betrayal and a love storyeverything I could want in a paranormal romance…  I love this series and the characters and I just wish there were more brothers so the stories would go on.” ~Paranormal Romance Guild (5 stars)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“The vampire world that Zoe and Rafe inhabit is a ruthless one indeed. In the centre are the powerfully sultry couple who now crave each other for love and survival. Their sensual inferno could melt through a thousand glaciers.” ~InD’Tale Magazine (5 stars)

Three powerful brothers and the women they’ll do anything to have.

NOTE: The Vampire Syndicate Series begins with a trilogy featuring the three Kral brothers, billionaire princes and heirs to the Kral Syndicate Primus. Each brother gets his HEA, but the stories are interconnected and are best read in order.



Rafe crouched on the windowsill, a sleek black wolf in a tux.

Let him go.

I’d known he hadn’t returned to Montreal to see me. But my heart had hoped I was wrong, that he’d come back for me. That second chances actually existed.

I should’ve called security on him the moment I found him in my rooms. But I couldn’t think straight when he was around.

Let him go.

Rafe Kral was a weakness—a craving—I couldn’t afford, especially now.

I was this close to having the one thing I’d always wanted. Power.

Real power.

The kind where no one would ever again brush me or my ideas aside because I was too young and “soft”—or leave me on an island for months at a time with just Jean-Michel, the servants and a couple of thralls to make sure I was fed.

Rafe’s face and body greyed-out, losing color and blurring at the edges as he entered the shadow dimension.

And I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let him go.

I’d tried to forget the man for two years, and it hadn’t worked. I was damned if he’d crash my party, get me all churned up, and leave.

“Prove it.” I shot forward and snagged his wrist, anchoring him in the physical world. “You say my mother and Étan lied about those texts? Then prove it.”

He twisted his arm, forcing me to release him, and clamped his fingers around my wrist instead. Dark eyes scorched mine. “How the fuck am I supposed to do that?”

Need licked at me. In the ballroom, his glamour had muted his raw sex appeal. Now, it battered me like a hot, wild storm.

The pent-up longing of two years swamped my emotions. My fangs pricked out.

I wanted to bite him and drink deep.

I wanted him to hold me down and bite me back.

I wanted to feel that hard, damn-your-eyes body naked against mine.

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Winner 2022 RONE Award - InD'Tale Magazine
2021 Reader's Choice Award Nominee

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