Adric's Heart, A Fada Novel
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Adric’s Heart

Finalist, Best Shifter Novel ~ Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Awards (2020)

She’s the one woman he can never have...

To save his clan, this badass alpha sacrificed everything—even his honor. Will he be forced to give up his mate as well?

A fun, rich read… Fans of paranormal romance will devour this novel!

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A white-hot forbidden romance with alpha shifters, treacherous fae and a satisfying HEA



Cougar shifter Adric Savonett is the youngest alpha in the world—and not because he’s a nice guy. He and his sister would never have survived the brutal clan war known as the Darktime if not for the ruthlessness he hides beneath his cocky rock-star exterior.

Dolphin shifter Rosana do Rio might be young and inexperienced, but her heart recognizes Adric as her mate. Unfortunately, their clans are bitter rivals, and Adric is damned if he’ll play Romeo to her Juliet. Then Rosana comes to him with an offer he never expected. That one night he’s craved with her? She’s ready.

He shouldn’t say yes, but he can’t resist. But a dark fae prince is gunning for Adric’s clan…and now Rosana is a target, too.


Adric winced as a human female shrieked with laughter near his left ear.

The Full Moon Saloon was packed tighter than a can of sardines. Mainly with earth fada, but the mix included river fada as well as a handful of humans slumming with the shifters. The dank, poorly lit saloon reeked of alcohol and lust, and the band had more enthusiasm than skill. The drummer seemed to be playing a different song than the bassist, and the guitar needed tuning.

What in Hades he was doing in this noisy, too-full bar? But it was Saturday night, and he had nothing better to do. Which was fucking sad.

He glowered at his beer bottle, forced his shoulders to relax.

One more drink, and he’d leave—or maybe check out the poker game in the back room. Because the only thing worse than this crowded bar was his solitary den.

The outer door opened, sending a blast of icy air down the short hall into the bar. A long-legged beauty strolled inside, her lush body poured into tight pants, a red leather jacket, and ankle boots the same scarlet as her jacket. Wavy hair the blue-black of a raven’s wings framed a heart-shaped face and curled over high, round breasts.

One wide smile and Benny, the hulking earth-fada bouncer who should’ve known better, fell over himself to wave her in.

Rosana do Rio. Adric’s heart gave a hard knock.

What was she doing here?

And alone.

Inside, his cougar snapped to attention, eyeing her with a cat’s intentness.

She headed towards the bar without bothering to remove her jacket or gloves. The woman didn’t walk, she sauntered, hips swaying. All around the room, males pulled back their shoulders and puffed out their chests.

Next to him, his friend Zuri muttered a curse. Adric didn’t even glance at him, his gaze glued to Rosana.

She’d barely reached the long wooden bar at the back of the saloon when a human asked her to dance. A cocky blond college-type surrounded by three equally arrogant wingmen.

Adric’s back teeth clamped together. Not your business, he reminded himself.

Rosana smiled and allowed the blond human to take her gloved hand. He led her onto the tiny dance floor. The music was still loud and hard-driving. He set his hands on her hips, drawing her closer.

A growl rasped Adric’s throat. His claws slid out and he started to his feet.

No one touched Rosana but him.

“Easy now.” Zuri’s fingers clamped onto Adric’s wrist. He wasn’t just a good friend, but one of Adric’s lieutenants. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

Adric sank back onto his chair. Zuri was right. He was drawing attention, especially from the other fada.

Rosana was a dolphin shifter, a river fada—and he was the Baltimore earth fada alpha. Water and earth fada just didn’t mix. And Rosana wasn’t just any river fada, she was the sister of Lord Dion, the river fada alpha who was Adric’s biggest rival.

Which meant he could look but not touch.

Rosana did one of those evasive twists women do, forcing the human to release her, and danced away.

Adric’s claws retracted.

“Drink your beer,” Zuri prompted.

He picked up his bottle but didn’t bring it to his mouth.

The lieutenant fingered his soul patch. “You want me to boot her sexy ass out of here?”

“For what reason?”

“Disturbing the fucking peace.”

The Full Moon Saloon was technically a neutral space owned by a Brazilian river fada named Claudio. But Baltimore was Adric’s territory; if he gave the word, Rosana would be banned from the bar.

But then he wouldn’t get even these occasional glimpses of her. The Rock Run Clan’s base was an underground fortress protected by fae wards impossible for him to break. And he’d tried.

He brought the bottle to his lips. Swallowed. “Let her stay.”

Zuri leveled a look at him. “Maybe you should just take her,” he muttered in a low voice for Adric’s ears only. “She wants you. Even her brothers know it—that’s why they try to keep her up at Rock Run. Take the woman. Get her out of your system.”

Adric’s fingers tightened on the bottle. “I’ll handle my own love life, thank you.”

“But you haven’t been handling it. When’s the last time you had a good, hard—”

He sliced Zuri a look. “Enough.”

The other man moved a big shoulder in a shrug and subsided.

Adric glanced around. In addition to Dina and Cara, there were five other earth fada females in the bar, all beautiful and unmated. Any one of them would be thrilled to take the alpha to bed for a night. And like with Cara, it would be no harm, no foul.

But he only wanted Rosana.

Who hadn’t even glanced his way since entering the bar.

The music ended. With a nod at the blond male, Rosana wended her way through the tables to the long, polished-oak bar. The man followed right behind, his gaze glued to her ass.

Fuck this.

Adric moved with fada-fast speed, cutting off the human to squeeze in next to Rosana.

“Hey!” The man’s fingers dug into Adric’s arm. “She’s with me.”

Adric let his cat in his eyes. “No,” he replied, soft and dangerous. “She’s not.”

Shapeshifters created during Dionysus’s infamous bacchanals from a mix of fae, human and animal genes.
They’re ruthless, untamed—and when they love, it’s forever.

*BEST SHAPESHIFTER SERIES OF 2018 (Fada Shapeshifters) ~ Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice Awards*

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