Saving Jace (Book 4)

5 stars, InD'Tale Magazine: "Primally exciting, sexy and downright fun, Saving Jace is an absolute winner!"

A black panther shifter with a scarred heart... A gutsy waitress trying to raise her brother while holding onto her dreams...

When Jace is stabbed by a fae assassin, Evie takes the sexy shifter into her home--and her heart. But now she's the fae's new target. And the Darktime isn't over...


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Evie almost didn’t see him.

It was late, and she was walking home from her job as a waitress. To the west, thunder rumbled ominously as the first raindrops splattered onto the asphalt. She raced the last few yards down the alley and onto the gravel path that threaded through her tiny garden. The lavender her mom had planted was about to bloom, the purple spikes trembling in the rising wind.

Suddenly, every hair on her nape lifted. It was quiet…too quiet. She froze and glanced around. The yard was dark save for a single bulb over the back door.

There. A man huddled next to the stoop.

It was his eyes that gave him away, an unearthly green glow in the gloom. His breath shuddered in, and the chunk of quartz hanging from a cord around his neck caught the light.

Earth fada. With those glowing eyes and the quartz, he had to be.

Evie crouched down to scrabble in the garden for a rock, her eyes on him the whole time. What was he doing here? The fada were shapeshifters: hard, dangerous creatures that rarely interacted with humans. An earth fada lurking outside her door could only mean trouble.

Her fingers closed on a rock. She raised it threateningly. “Get the fuck out of here.”

The man gazed back at her, unblinking. Then his lips curved. The bastard was laughing at her.

Anger shivered through Evie. Anger, and fear. Her younger brother Kyler was in the house—at least, he was supposed to be. She had to get this man—this fada—out of here.

“Did you hear me?” Her fingers tightened on the rock. “I want you gone. Now.”

His eyes closed. The small smile faded, and he rested his head against the concrete foundation. “Can’t.”

“What do you mean, you can’t?”

She inhaled sharply as he slid sideways, boneless as a ragdoll.

* * *

"This is the first of her books for me and I am hooked!" ~Amazon review

"This suspenseful and wonderfully satisfying tale dances effortlessly between the mundane world we know and the strange world of fada shapeshifters and magical, capricious and often dangerous fae. Believable in every aspect, Ms. Rivard delivers a fascinating and, at times, nail-biting plot full of twists that keep the reader guessing... The villains are as well drawn as the heroes, and when the steam is on, it’s on full-bore. The unapologetically erotic sex scenes are some of the best ever...~5 stars, InD'Tale Magazine. Read the full review here.

Note: Saving Jace is the start of a new trilogy within the Fada Shapeshifter world, featuring the Baltimore Earth Fada and their alpha, Adric. If you like intense emotional storylines and dark, sensual romance, this book is for you.

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