Saving Jace (Book 4)

A sexy black panther with a scarred heart... A gutsy waitress trying to raise her brother while holding onto her dreams...

And the Darktime isn't over...

Saving Jace is book 4 in USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard's Fada Shapeshifter series. All books have an HEA and can be read as standalones.

Note that Saving Jace is also the start of a new trilogy within the Fada Shapeshifter world, featuring the Baltimore Earth Fada and their alpha, Adric.


Read an excerpt:

Evie stopped her car on the pad behind her house and turned off the ignition. The ancient compact shuddered and then went ominously silent. She muttered something dark. The car wasn’t long for this world. Somehow she’d have to find the cash for a new one.

It was Saturday night, nine days since she’d found Jace bleeding in her backyard. Not for the first time, she wondered how he was doing—and then scowled and told herself he was fine, and probably back doing whatever it was he did.

She grabbed her backpack and got out of the car. The house was dark except for the light she’d left on over the back door. Kyler must still be at Ben’s house. At least she hoped that was where he was, because he hadn’t bothered to check in with her—again. He’d been pushing her all week, “forgetting” to check in and then coming home way after his curfew.

“School’s almost out,” he’d said. “All we’re doing is taking finals, and I’m allowed to go in late.”

“You’d do better on your tests if you had a good night sleep.”

“Relax,” he returned in a tone that had Evie tightening her jaw. “I’ve got practically a four-point average.” And he did, so what could she say?

Now she glanced at her phone—it was after midnight. He should be home, damn it. And he hadn’t left a message either.

She sighed and slung her backpack over one shoulder, flipping her keys so that the tips stuck out between her knuckles. If someone attacked her, she was going to be ready.

Evie was almost at the steps when her nape tingled in an eerie repeat of last Thursday.Someone was watching her. Evie gripped her keys and glanced around.

Please let it be him.

He stepped out of the shadows. She blew out a breath. It was Jace.

He crossed the alley in a few long, loose strides. An atavistic tremor went down her spine. This was the real Jace—and he was nothing like the injured, feverish victim of last week. No, this man was dark. Powerful. Raw-boned. A panther in a T-shirt and jeans.

She squared her shoulders and lifted her chin, because damn it, she’d saved the man’s life. She refused to let him spook her.

He stopped a few feet away. “Hello, Evie.”

He was bigger than she remembered, but then, last week he’d been hunched over nursing his injuries. Now she realized he was a good half foot taller than her with the lean, hard build of a soldier. Another shiver went down her spine—but this one had nothing to do with fear...